​Computer/Coding Certificate

You can take one class at a time.   If you don't want to follow the suggested computer coding certificate order, you can take one class and receive credit for that one class.

The order that is suggested by the Career Education Center for the Computer/Coding Classes:

  1. Scratch Animated Programming
  2. Alice Animated Programming I & II
  3. Small Basic
  4. Visual Basic I & II
  5. Greenfoot
  6. Java Script Programming I & II
  7. CSS Programming
  8. C++ Programming I & II
  9. Python
  10. Java

Two of the most popular coding classes are explained below.

Scratch Animated Programming

This course is designed to teach scratch using 21st century skills: coding, critical thinking, problem solving.  Students will learn to code with interactive lessons and projects.  Scratch uses code blocks where students learn to build simple games and use animated characters to tell stories.  Students will create interactive stories, games and animations.  They will use configurable blocks to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively as students create their projects.  Students will gain the ability to imagine, create, play, and reflect.

Visual Basic Coding
The ability to code computer programs is an important part of literacy in today's society.
There is increasing need for people to have some programming ability.
Visual Basic helps students learn Object Oriented Programming and finding ways to overcome difficulties in implementing the code.
Using Visual Basic students can write code to build interfaces, add controls and customize a form. 
Work with default properties, event handlers, and operators.
In Visual Basic a student will learn how to debug runtime errors, controls, picture, combo and list boxes. 
The student will work with variables, constants, arrays and collections.
Students will learn the following skills: Creating classes, using strings and dealing with objects.
In Visual Basic students will work with functions, looping, checkboxes and radio buttons.Create animations and web browser.

The computer coding certificate includes the following classes: Scratch Animated Programming, Alice Animated Programming, Small Basic, Visual Basic, Java Script Programming, Python Programming, C++ Programming.

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