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Prices include all supplies and instructional manuals.
 If you do not need a six week class you can take two three week classes for $32.50

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Educational Services
Career Education Center provides short-term training programs for home school students.  Every student is special to us and we encourage every child to reach their full potential.

 CEC provides flexible  scheduling, small classes and personalized instruction for every student.

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Small Basic are very valuable classes for students planning to go to college. 

Featured  Classes for Summer Camp!

PowerPoint for Kids

This class is great for summer camp because kids have fun and learn valuable computer skills!  This class is for ages 7 - 12.  CareerEducationCenter writes computer manuals for the young students.  This is great because the kids can take their manual home and do their own work with a manual written at their level.

Skills Learned:

  • Working with Slides, Headers, Footers, and Notes
  • Inserting and Formatting Pictures
  • Displaying the Presentation Outline and Arranging Slides
  • Inserting Symbols and Clipart
  • Inserting tables and charts
  • Inserting sounds and music
  • Drawing and Formatting Shapes
  • Adding Slide Transitions, Working with Lists
  • Inserting a picture and movie
  • Animating Slide Objects


‚ÄčTynker teaches 21st century skills: coding, critical thinking, problem solving.  
Teaches students to code with interactive lessons and projects.

Using Tynker Workshop with guided tutorials and training videos students can build a simple game such as Candy Quest and Dragon Dash.

JavaScript Programing

This course is designed to teach students using JavaScript and HTML with a simple text editor for testing.  Students will learn about loops, variables, functions, objects, properties and methods.  Learn how to script common elements with JavaScript such as forms and tables using events and triggers for event handling.       

Small Basic

Small Basic is the most popular class in the computer science package.
Small Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy and fun for beginners

         Students will have fun learning the following:

Writing their First Program
Introducing variables and creating loops
Learning conditions and branching
Learning about graphics
Having fun with shapes
Learning properties and operations
Learning subroutines and creating arrays
Using event signals and interactivity
Using Editor to create programs
Analyzing your programs
Learning rules for naming your variables
Using "intellisense"
Handling multiple events

Art For Kids


Apply Brush Techniques

Use Color Theory

Practice Drawing Skills

* Place your imagination and dreams on canvas!
Fun Things You Will Enjoy Painting!
Painting a Portrait of your Special Pet

Painting a Picture of your Favorite Landscape


Beginning Summer Music Lessons at CEC

Choose one of the instruments below and begin learning fun music skills:

The following instruments are available to use at CEC at no extra charge!




Music Keyboard

Fun skills students will learn!

Quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, rests staff and clefts.

Students will learn to play a beginning song on these instruments as well as valuable knowledge which can be transferred to all instruments.

Floral Design

English Massed Bouquet

Have fun arranging your traditional design this spring!

What you will learn!

* The principles of making an all-around design.

* Basic techniques for placement of flowers based on size, color and texture of materials.

* How to experiment with the mechanics of construction.

What you will take home!

* A beautiful floral design to fit your home decor.


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