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Career Education Center provides short-term training programs for home school students.  Every student is special to us and we encourage every child to reach their full potential.

 CEC provides flexible  scheduling, small classes and personalized instruction for every student.

Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access are very valuable classes for students planning to go to college. 

The Information Systems program at most local colleges and universities requires these Computer Applications.

Featured Computer Classes for This Semester!


Tynker is the featured class for the elementary students

Tynker teaches 21st century skills: coding, critical thinking, problem solving.  
Teaches students to code with interactive lessons and projects.

Using Tynker Workshop with guided tutorials and training videos students can build a simple game such as Candy Quest and Dragon Dash.

Small Basic

Small Basic is the most popular class in the computer science package.
Small Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy and fun for beginners

         Students will have fun learning the following:

Writing their First Program
Introducing variables and creating loops
Learning conditions and branching
Learning about graphics
Having fun with shapes
Learning properties and operations
Learning subroutines and creating arrays
Using event signals and interactivity
Using Editor to create programs
Analyzing your programs
Learning rules for naming your variables
Using "intellisense"
Handling multiple events


Touring Excel
Starting Excel, naming and saving workbooks. 
Using the Excel interface, navigating the worksheet.
Changing worksheet views, closing and exiting Excel.

Worksheet and Workbook basics
Creating a new Workbook, entering text and labels
Editing text, using undo and redo, clearing cell contents
Location of a cell is known as cell reference

Adding Worksheet contents
Opening an existing workbook and saving it with a new name
Entering and editing numeric labels and values, using AutoComplete
Inserting a built-in header or footer, preview different pagebreak views 

   Worksheet Formatting
     Choosing a Theme, apply Cell Styles
      Apply font formats, merging and centering across cells
      Applying number Formats

 Cell entries and formatting
Entering dates, aligning date in a cell
Wrapping text in cells, changing width and row heights
Using AutoSum and changing Column Width

 Defaults and Templates
        Create and Work with templates
        Entering a Series and standard column width
        Editing cells with simple corrections 

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