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Career Education Center

Career Education Center provides short-term training programs for everyone of our students.  We encourage every class member of our center to reach their full potential.  CEC provides flexible scheduling, small classes and personalized instruction for every student.

Spring Break Camp

March 13th, 14th, 15th

9:00 till 12:00

Featured Elementary School Class 

Excel for Kids

This course is designed to teach children the productivity tools from Microsoft Excel at an introductory level.  Each class will be a hands-on computer activity with individualized instruction.  Students will learn how to :  manage a workbook; create a worksheet; move around in a worksheet; enter and edit data in a worksheet; use copy and paste; use the auto sum button; add and delete columns and rows; use formulas.

This spring camp is for Kids who want to have fun! 

Career Education Center has written fantastic instructional manuals.

These manuals are written for children ages 8 -- 12.  The children love to take the manuals home and do their homework on their own.


                                    Word for Kids      Excel for Kids    Powerpoint for Kids

Call for information at 256 895-8394 about special prices for camp

Digital Art and Animation Classes
Students will combine their creative skills with the power of computers by creating

characters and bringing them to life through animation.

Students study terms related to digital drawing.
Students study printing guidelines.
Students create a canvas on their computer screen.
Students learn how to animate using FireAlpaca.
Student learn to create frames and to animate the frames.

               Featured Coding Class                 "Basic Programming"

Whether you"re just getting started in coding or want to learn Basic Programming scripting, this course is for you.  

This course is designed to provide  introduction to Basic Programming.  Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy and user friendly for beginners.  Students will have fun learning the following: writing their first program; introducing variables and creating loops; learning conditions and branching; learning about graphics; having fun with shapes. learning properties and operations; learning subroutines and creating arrays; using event signals and interactivity; using editor to create programs; analyzing programs; learning rules for naming variables; using “intellisense” and handling multiple events.     


 Take our ACT Classes and work

   toward a better score on your ACT!

1. CEC students have had great success in improving their scores by taking the ACT Test prep class.
2. Use ACT computer software to improve weak areas in math and English.
3. Use ACT hands on practice tests.
4. Learn speed reading to improve your ACT score
5. Improve rhetorical skills such as strategy, organization and style.
6. Schedule soon for your ACT Test Prep Classes at CEC!

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