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Career Education Center

Career Education Center provides short-term training programs for everyone of our students.  We encourage every class member of our center to reach their full potential.  CEC provides flexible scheduling, small classes and personalized instruction for every student.

Floral Design Classes!!

We have a great way for you to usher in the Holiday Season!!

We can teach you how to make a variety of holiday floral arrangements.  What a great gift for the grandparents and family friends.

These classes are fun, informational, economical and only two hours out of your busy day.  It’s a great deal!
All supplies are provided by Career Education Center!

Keep your step by step instruction sheets to create more designs at home!
Take your gorgeous arrangement home with you at the end of class!

Join CEC Students on December 5th

9:00 AM until 11:00 AM

Have fun making Christmas decorations including wreaths, table decorations and bows!

Come and have fun with us and take home your own creation!

Call us at CEC 256 895-8394

Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel

Tasks include: 

Use Advanced Functions

Use One-Input and Two-Input Data Tables

Use Goal Seek and Solver

Learn Absolute Reference

Learn how to use: PivotTables - PivotCharts - VLOOKUP - HLOOKUP - "IF" formulas - FORECAST - TREND and More!


Music, Scratch, Digital Art and Alice Animated Coding are back for Holiday Camp for Kids!

Holiday Camp for Kids

December 18th, 19th, 20th 2023

9:00 to 1:00

Call 256 895-8394 for more information.


This course is designed to teach Scratch using 21st century skills: coding, critical thinking, problem solving.  Students will learn to code with interactive lessons and projects.  Scratch uses code blocks where students learn to build simple games and use animated characters to tell stories.  Students will create interactive stories, games and animations.  They will use configurable blocks to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively as students create their projects.  Students will gain the ability to imagine, create, play, and reflect.

Digital Art and Animation Classes
Students will combine their creative skills with the power of computers by creating

characters and bringing them to life through animation.

Students study terms related to digital drawing.
Students study printing guidelines.
Students create a canvas on their computer screen.
Students learn how to animate using FireAlpaca.
Student learn to create frames and to animate the frames.


Featured Computer Coding Class

Career Education Center offers a Computer Coding Certificate includes the following classes:  Basic Programming, Visual Basic, Alice Animated Coding, C++ Programming, Java Script Programming, Greenfoot Coding, Python Programming.  

Basic Programming
This course is designed to provide  introduction to Small Basic.  Small basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy and user friendly for beginners.  Students will have fun learning the following: writing their first program; introducing variables and creating loops; learning conditions and branching; learning about graphics; having fun with shapes. learning properties and operations; learning subroutines and creating arrays; using event signals and interactivity; using editor to create programs; analyzing programs; learning rules for naming variables; using “intellisense” and handling multiple events.              

 Take our ACT Classes and work

   toward a better score on your ACT!

1. CEC students have had great success in improving their scores by taking the ACT Test prep class.
2. Use ACT computer software to improve weak areas in math and English.
3. Use ACT hands on practice tests.
4. Learn speed reading to improve your ACT score
5. Improve rhetorical skills such as strategy, organization and style.
6. Schedule soon for your ACT Test Prep Classes at CEC!

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