Featured Class for Fall

Holiday Floral Design Class

Get ready for the coming season by creating a beautiful Christmas decoration !





We can teach you and your children how to make a variety of holiday floral arrangements.

What a great gift for the grandparents and family friends.

These classes are fun, informational, economical and only two hours out of your busy day.

It's a great deal!

Keep your step by step instruction sheets to create more designs at home!

Choose a Design from the Website and Create it in the Class

Holiday Floral Design Classes

*Learn basic techniques for placement of flowers based on size, color and texture of materials.

Take your gorgeous arrangement home with you at the end of class!

Class:  November 6, 2019  9:00 -- 11:00 AM

Career Education Center

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Educational Services
Career Education Center provides short-term training programs for home school students.  Every student is special to us and we encourage every child to reach their full potential.

 CEC provides flexible  schedules, small classes and personalized instruction for every student.

We Specialize in Classes for Home School Students!
Kids have fun while exploring the world of computers!

ACT Test Prep Class
Get excited!

Make a great score on your ACT Test.
CEC Students have had great success in improving their scores by taking the ACT Test prep class.

* Use ACT computer software to improve weak areas in math and English.
* Use ACT hands on practice tests.
* Learn speed reading to improve your ACT score
* Improve rhetorical skills such as strategy, organization and style.

Featured Classes for Elementary School include:

Powerpoint for Kids

Word/Keyboarding for Kids

Scratch Computer Coding

Art for Kids

Featured Classes for High School

Word/Research Paper Class

Learn how to make your research papers professional!

  • Learn skills for improving your research paper in CEC Summer Camp!  Return to school creating professional research paper
  • Each class will be hands on computer activity with individualized instruction
  • Instructional handouts written by Career Education Center are provided
  •  Students will learn the following skills.
  •    Create an outline style
  •    Apply headers, insert breaks and page numbers
  •    Use find and replace, Insert footnotes, endnotes, and bookmarks
  •    Use full screen reading view and document map and thumbnails
  •    Track changes
  •    Captions and cross references
  •    Creating and generating an index
  •    Generate a table of figures and a table of contents
  •    Add sources and generate the bibliography 


Alice 3D Graphics Programming Class

This is our most popular computer class this semester.
* Students learn fundamental programming concepts to create animated movies and video games.
* Students learn to create and work with 3D objects.
* Students drag and drop graphic tiles to create their own program.
* Students gain experience with all programming constructs taught in a programming course.

Career Education Center Inc

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Career Education


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