Career Education Center provides short-term training programs for everyone of our students.  Every student is special to us and we encourage every class member of our center to reach their full potential.  CEC provides flexible scheduling, small classes and personalized instruction for every student.

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Computer Coding is a valuable skill in today's business world.  

A Computer Coding Certificate is offered at CEC
CEC Summer Camp is a great time to take coding classes because students do not have homework for regular school classes and students can really focus on coding classes.

If a student does not want to pursue the computer coding certificate, a student can take only one or two classes and get credit for them.

The Computer Coding Certificate includes the following classes: Scratch, Small Basic, Visual Basic, Alice Animated Coding, C++ Programming, Java Script Programming, Greenfoot Coding, Python Programming.


Career Education Center has written fantastic instructional manuals for children ages 8 – 12.

Powerpoint for Kids
Word for Kids
Excel for Kids
Books are furnished by CEC and these books make it easier for children to have fun at home because they have a book of their own at their reading level and can work at their own pace.             
Art for Kids
Come and create with Digital Art!

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Shown Below is an example of a child's project in Digital Art Class 


Come and enjoy a time of crafting and painting!
*Use your imagination to create your own crafts and art projects
*Enjoy canvas painting with acrylics 




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