Fun Things You Will Enjoy Painting!

*Animals, landscapes, seascapes, nature, and Seasonal scenes.

Skills You Will Learn!

*Perspective, Composition, Color Theory, Drawing, Color Wheel and Mixing Paint.

Alice 3D Graphics Programming Class

This is our most popular computer class this semester.
* Students learn fundamental programming concepts to create animated movies and video games.
* Students learn to create and work with 3D objects.
* Students drag and drop graphic tiles to create their own program.
* Students gain experience with all programming constructs taught in a programming course.

Web Design Class

CEC is offering a Web Design class for Elementary Students

Learn to create and edit their own website

Also other skills learned include: learning HTML and coding

Please Call 256 895-8394 if you want to made a reservation for one of these classes.

ACT Test Prep Class
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Educational Services
Career Education Center provides short-term training programs for home school students.  Every student is special to us and we encourage every child to reach their full potential.

 CEC provides flexible  schedules, small classes and personalized instruction for every student.
Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Small Basic are very valuable classes for students planning to go to college.

We Specialize in Classes for Home School Students!

Kids have fun while exploring the world of computers!

Valuable Classes for Elementary and Middle School Students


‚ÄčScratch teaches 21st century skills: coding, critical thinking, problem solving.  
Teaches students to code with interactive lessons and projects.

 Scratch uses code blocks where students learn to build simple games and use animated characters to tell stories.

Small Basic

Small Basic is the most popular class in the computer science package.
Small Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy and fun for beginners

         Students will have fun learning the following:

Writing their First Program
Introducing variables and creating loops
Learning conditions and branching
Learning about graphics
Having fun with shapes
Learning properties and operations
Learning subroutines and creating arrays
Using event signals and interactivity
Using Editor to create programs
Analyzing your programs
Learning rules for naming your variables
Using "intellisense"
Handling multiple events

  Art For Kids


Apply Brush Techniques

Use Color Theory

Practice Drawing Skills

* Place your imagination and dreams on canvas!
Fun Things You Will Enjoy Painting!
Painting a Portrait of your Special Pet

Painting a Picture of your Favorite Landscape


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Huntsville, AL 35806
Call for more Information (256) 895-8394

Excel for Kids

*Manage a workbook

*Create a worksheet

*Move around in a worksheet

*Use copy and paste

*Use the auto sum button

*Add and delete columns and rows

*Use basic formulas and Functions.

PowerPoint for Kids

*Open and close a file and exit PowerPoint

*Create presentations

*Insert new slides

*Switch to slides pane

*Insert images and type in text boxes

*Insert word art

*Move, copy and delete slides

*Add transitions effects, sound and slide timings

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Phone: 256 895-8394       Home School Branch            

Below is examples of student art:

Career Education


Word for Kids

Students will Learn to:

*Open and save documents

*Use alignment buttons

*Change font face, size and color

*Create bulleted and numbered paragraphs

*Set margins and tabs

*Spell check

*Print document