Career Education


Intermediate Excel

A course  designed to teach the student intermediate spreadsheet design techniques.  Tasks include: using functions and the function wizard; using paste special and paste link; creating data lists and charts; linking files ; moving & copying sheets; using the IF function; adding, deleting, & sorting records; using the page break view; freezing panes; using print titles; grouping worksheets.

Four week class                                      $50.00

Advanced Excel

This course designed to teach functions to predict Forecast, Trend and Growth.  Tasks include:  PMT Function, One-Input and Two-Input data tables; Rotating and Resolving Errors; VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions; PivotTables and PivotCharts.  Building Charts; Comparing and Analyzing Data.

Four week class                                       $50.00


This course is designed to teach the student the productivity tools of PowerPoint in the Windows environment.  Major concepts that are covered include: creating presentations; understanding the toolbars; using templates; inserting clip-art; inserting graphs, tables, and spreadsheets into presentations; creating and modifying color schemes; creating original drawings on slides; adding builds, sound files, add timing to slides; creating transition and animation effects.

Four week class                                     $50.00                    

Advanced PowerPoint

This course is designed to teach the student the productivity tools of PowerPoint in the Windows environment.  Major concepts that are covered include:  customizing slide masters, adding elements to slide masters, creating a customer show, creating advanced animations, creating and modifying SmartArt diagrams and charts.  The student will also learn to review presentations, protect presentations; secure and share presentations, prepare printed materials and rehearse presentation delivery.

Four week class                                      $50.00

Beginning Microsoft Word

This course is designed to introduce the student to computers.  Creating documents, editing text, and formatting documents is covered.  Formatting tasks include: changing fonts, indenting paragraphs, adjusting margins, creating bulleted and numbered paragraphs, creating and adjusting tabs. Editing functions include: Cut, Copy, Paste, Find and Replace.

Four week class                                     $50.00

Microsoft Word—Intermediate Word Processing

This course teaches productivity tools in Word at an intermediate level.  Desktop publishing is introduced.  Students learn to create newsletters and brochures.  Skills learned include:  Creating headers and footers; creating newspaper style columns; inserting graphic images on a page; sizing, resizing, and positioning graphics and text in a document; adding objects to a document; creating and modifying tables; adjusting line spacing and copying between document windows.

Four week class                                 $50.00

Microsoft Word—Advanced Word Processing              

This course covers the skills needed for formatting and editing a research paper.  Skills learned include:  creating an outline; setting margins; inserting page breaks, section breaks, headers and footers and page numbers.  Tasks learned include:  using footnotes and endnotes;  inserting cross-references; creating and modifying an index; creating a table of contents, a table of figures, a bibliography and a table of authorities.   

Four week class                                 $50.00

Introduction to Excel

A course designed to introduce the student to basic spreadsheet design techniques.  Tasks include: selecting cells; opening, saving, printing, and closing a workbook; creating headers and footers; using page breaks; using  page setup; editing data and creating a series. Students will enter labels, values and formulas and format a workbook.

Four week class                               $50.00

Adobe Photo Shop

This course is designed to provide instruction to Adobe Photo Shop.  Students will learn to:  crop images; crop to a selection boundary; change size of the canvas; use the cookie cutter tool; remove spots, small imperfections and unwanted objects from photos; clone images; replace colors in an image and soften edges of photos.  Students will also learn to: use PhotoMerge; sharpen an image; rotate or flip an item in a photo; apply perspective to a photo to give pictures a 3D effect.  Apply brush tools to edit photos; to use filters to enhance photos; to add color to old black & white photos; to understand layer editing using  masking and the layers panel. 

Four week class                                $50.00

Small Basic

This course is designed to provide  introduction to Small Basic.  Small basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy and user friendly for beginners.  Students will have fun learning the following: writing their first program; introducing variables and creating loops; learning conditions and branching; learning about graphics; having fun with shapes. learning properties and operations; learning subroutines and creating arrays; using event signals and interactivity; using editor to create programs; analyzing programs; learning rules for naming variables; using “intellisense” and handling multiple events.

Four week class                                $50.00

Visual Basic

Students will learn the following skills:  Objects oriented programming, building interfaces, customizing forms, adding controls to the form, writing the code.  How to work default properties, events, and operators.  Also students will learn: how to debug runtime errors, working with controls picture boxes, combo boxes and list boxes, dealing with data, working with variables, constants, arrays and collections.  Using event handlers. Dealing with how to create and use classes.  Performing arithmetic operations, working with numeric and strings, using if..then..else.  Creating a web browser and animations are studied.  Looping for repetitive jobs, creating and understanding sub procedures.  Working with mathematical functions, trigonometric functions. How to use a timer, working with checkboxes and radio buttons.  Handling errors, creating graphics, creating ellipses and circles, drawing text, polygons and pies are studied.

Four week class                              $50.00
Python Programming

This course is designed to help students in acquiring  fundamental skills such as input and out, decision repetition structures; working with files, inheritance, strings, files and object oriented programming; completing programming projects; diverse fields from web and game development to machine learning; gaining knowledge for all programming coding.

Four week class                             $50.00 

Java Script Programming

This course is design to teach students using JavaScript and HTML with a simple text editor for testing.  Student will learn about functions, DOM Objects, JavaScript Object Notation, using JQuery, Cascading Style Sheets, loops, variables, functions, objects, properties and methods.  Learn how to script common elements with JavaScript such as forms and tables using events and triggers for event handling.

Four week class                           $50.00

Greenfoot Programming

This course is a visual and interactive computer program that uses Java to build games, stimulations and other graphical programs.  The course is designed to be simple and easy to use keeping beginners in mind.  The student will create actors which  live in worlds to build programs.  Greenfoot teaches the basics of Java syntax and object orientation which makes Java applications easier to understand.  Students will learn how to have actors interact with other actors, using parameters and Greenfoot execution.  Students will use actor objects and program execution controls.  Greenfoot uses the full IDE interface which uses common tools of most IDE interfaces and can propel a student to transition into their professional IDE’s.

Four week class                             $50.00                                                  

Alice 3D Programming

Explore an innovative 3D programming environment (Alice) that makes it easy for students to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web.   Instructions for the interactive interface will correspond to standard statements  in programming languages such  as Java, C++ and C#.  Students will gain experience with all the programming constructs taught in an introductory programming course.  Alice allows students to see how their animation programs run, enabling them to understand the relationship between the programming statements and the behavior of objects in their animation.

Four week class                             $50.00


 Please check our schedule to see when these four hour sessions are available.